Highways & Skyways Saves You Money on Shipping and Freight

Shipping and freight can add up and cut into margins. They can sometimes be the difference between a healthy campaign and one that struggles to turn a profit. We use our strength and our smarts to save clients on third party shipping and inbound freight expenses. Highways & Skyways expertise is not just about saving money; it’s also about moving product quickly into your customers’ hands. Less time on the road and in the warehouse means better service and higher customer reorder and retention rates.

Inbound freight analysis — Highways & Skyways conducts inbound freight analysis to develop zoned distribution solutions using our warehouse facilities. Forward freight from the manufacturing plants to any of our facilities, providing your company cost savings. Highways & Skyways warehouses are conveniently located in Atlanta, Greensboro, Cincinnati and Louisville.
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Shipping volume — Because Highways & Skyways ships more thousands of shipments a year, we can negotiate substantially lower third party shipping rates with the major carriers on behalf of our clients. Highways & Skyways recognizes that shipping and handling play an important role in our clients’ marketing programs. We go to great lengths to keep third party shipping costs down so that you can offer your customers greatly reduced savings and protect your margins.
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