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Highways & Skyways, Inc. is a full-service Logistics Management company with locations throughout the United States. Our experience in logistics, warehousing, and freight carrier management allows us to be an extension of your company. By utilizing our services, customers can streamline the logistics of their business so they can focus time and money on what matters.
Inventory control with WMS
Product storage
Overflow, Seasonal & Short-term Storage
Specialized Services
Expedite, Vans and Trucks
Full Truckload, Partial Truckload
LTL, (Save with LTL Choice 2.0Program)
Distribution, Fulfillment and Storage
Ocean Service Worldwide
FCL (Full Container Load)
LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)
Sea/Air (Combination Air and Ocean)
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LTL Choice 2.0 customer interface will give you the ability to make more informed decsions as a Highways & Skyways Customer. Please use the NEW! LTL Choice 2.0 login to experience the Best Product in transportation to manage your shipments. Any questions or comments please contact us at
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